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We are an information gathering and community discussion platform for aspiring and active small business owners, a
responsibility that we take seriously and are proud of.

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Community Platform for Business Owners

Insights, advice, social proof & guides for aspiring and established business owners.


Creating and managing a large successful community and help people succeed in business and in life.


To provide a common platform for entrepreneurs to share insights and ideas for business development.

Knowledge Sharing

Ask questions, share experiences, pitch ideas, explore business feasibility & learn business acumen.
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Business Cooperation

Build positive relationships between fellow forum members and support collaboration.
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Marketing Strategies

Understand SEO, explore marketing strategies & learn to effectively expand your business by taking it online.

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    Our Blog

    Utilizing decades of experiences running both offline and online businesses, our staff has written guides and useful articles on small business marketing, ideas, strategies, finance.
    osha inspection

    What Happens During an OSHA Inspection?

    OSHA regularly carries out remote inquiries and on-site inspections – usually without warning.  Non-compliant employers can face fines and penalties.
    inc benefits

    LLC vs Inc: Which One is Better?

    It can get confusing to know how best to structure a business, and it may sound like you've received conflicting advice.  What is right in one case, may not be…
    llc and s corp

    The Difference Between LLC and S Corp Taxation

    Corporate profits are taxed once at corporate tax rates, and again, when owners receive dividends. What many people don’t know is that LLCs can elect to be taxed as S…
    LLC benefits

    What are the benefits of forming an LLC

    A limited liability company, or LLC, is a popular choice of structure for many small businesses. It provides legal separation between the business and its owners.
    Registered Agent

    What is a Registered Agent?

    A registered agent, also known as a statutory agent or process agent, can be thought of as the official contact for a business’s company and compliance obligations. 
    Piercing the Corporate Veil

    How to Avoid Piercing the Corporate Veil

    Limited liability entities (LLEs) are structured to separate owners from their business or to insert a "veil" between the two.  This corporate veil protects owners and company officers from being…